Project name:

Jiggle House

Project description:

In many of our urban projects, the form of the building is determined by necessity after a quick round of zoning and feasibility studies. In the case of the Jiggle House, a new two family home completed in 2022, the zoning district limited us to a 32’ tall box with 30’ tall height restriction at the front. The required side yard and parking ribbon, front yard, and rear yard quickly locked in the building footprint. A simple box emerged from the straight-jacket-like bounding limits of the building.

The design developed with the expression of minor shifts and jiggles within the zoning confines. The 2’ allowance in roof height difference was created in coincidence with a double height space connecting a kids’ play area on the third floor with the 2nd floor main kitchen. The ability to project a portion of the front facade beyond the street wall created another articulation that aligns with a material difference identifying the two dwelling units. The rear facade is pushed inward to allow for a screened in deck and stair to the garden without putting the ground floor unit into shadow. This recess is conveyed as a notch in the corner of the building and accompanied with the projecting 3rd floor balcony volume as a counter this move.