The Studio



OPerA Studio is a full service architecture and design firm located in Brooklyn, New York. Our services span the length of a typical project, from initial feasibility studies to material and finish selections, through to the conclusion of the construction phase. During the design phase we work closely with the client, our consultants, and as early as possible with contractors and fabricators. We provide fully detailed construction documents including all interior design and material specifications. During construction we meet weekly with contractors on site to ensure that each aspect of the design is realized properly. Pre-design services include full code and zoning analyses and feasibility studies to determine a project’s potential. We often provide initial review of development sites prior to purchase.

OPerA stands for Operative Practice Architecture, a design methodology wherein form is generated through the creation of systems, with a primary emphasis on how a system operates or performs to suit the needs of a project. We start by looking at how a thing is made, how existing typologies and methodologies can be appropriated and redefined to serve the project. The initial system is embedded with a formal and tectonic logic that can respond to a specific project’s requirements. Built-in flexibility and variation allow it to meet specific performance requirements as it is deployed within the project, particularly as a response to site and interior environmental conditions.

Our project types range greatly in scale and program. For residential work, we are designing multiple mid to high end renovations and additions to apartments and townhouses, including apartment combinations in condominiums and co-ops. We are working with several developers on residential investment properties, including new single and multi-family dwellings. Our commercial work includes retail storefront spaces, office renovations, an art gallery and studios, and a mixed use commercial building. We’re constantly exploring and experimenting and use the office as a creative laboratory for architectural design research.