Read 718

READ 718  combines a ground floor and cellar commercial space to create a new not-for-profit tutoring center for middle school and young teen students. The […]

Jiggle House

In many of our urban projects, the form of the building is determined by necessity after a quick round of zoning and feasibility studies. In […]

Guggenheim Helsinki

The new Helsinki Guggenheim Museum provides an interface between the space for the display of art and the public space of the city. The architectural […]

Gowanus Townhouse I

This three story townhouse in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, was in a state of disrepair when it was purchased in 2007, with a severely deteriorated front […]

Chelsea Loft

This 700 square foot loft space in Chelsea originally had a small galley kitchen separated from the rest of the space and a sheet-rock clad […]

Warehouse 623

Warehouse 623 is the conversion of an existing two-story brick storage warehouse in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood. The new building program includes a ground floor […]

Hotel Centro

The concept for Hotel Centro, Guadalajara, began with the creation of a structural core and facade, each developed from a triangulated frame that serves as […]

Taichung Tower

Harvest Tower was proposed for the new Taichung Tower competition in 2011. The brief asked for a 350m tall observation tower with a museum of […]

Palos Verde Art Center

The Palos Verde Art Center in Palos Verde, California, is a building where art is created, viewed, and experienced. The site is at the suburban […]