Mini Mansard

The renovation of 308 Eldert Street in Bushwick took an existing three story townhouse and expanded it to a six unit apartment building and expanded […]

576 Vanderbilt Avenue

OPerA Studio Architecture was commissioned to design the addition of a penthouse to 576 Vanderbilt Avenue in the Prospect Heights Historic District. The 299 sqft […]

Read 718

READ 718 ¬†combines a ground floor and cellar commercial space to create a new not-for-profit tutoring center for middle school and young teen students. The […]

Atlantic Yards

The Atlantic Yards site represents a unique opportunity to create an innovative large scale, high density development in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn. In 2006 […]

Chicago Kiosk

The kiosk, who we have named Tiffany, began as a thought, a conversation about geometric principles; the current state of our country‚Äôs educational system and […]

Tia Cibani Shops

The design for the Tia Cibani Womens Fashion stores is inspired by themes, textures, patterns and lighting conditions derived from the northern African heritage of […]

Showroom Display

OPerA-Studio is currently designing the showroom and headquarters for Tia Cibani Inc. The showroom will include a variety of custom fabricated display elements including this […]

Guggenheim Helsinki

The new Helsinki Guggenheim Museum provides an interface between the space for the display of art and the public space of the city. The architectural […]

Taichung Tower

Harvest Tower was proposed for the new Taichung Tower competition in 2011. The brief asked for a 350m tall observation tower with a museum of […]

Hotel Centro

The concept for Hotel Centro, Guadelajara, began with the creation of a structural core and facade, each developed from a triangulated frame that serves as […]

Ponte Academia

A unit system combines a series of variable parts in a multitude of possible connections to create a continuous and flexible structure. The system mimics […]