Project name:

Rare Volume

Project description:

Rare volume is an interactive media company that creates site specific installations using responsive algorithms and haptic sensors. They also have an extensive collection of coding and computer manuals, which gives them their name. For their new office in Manhattan’s Chinatown, we transformed a loft space into their home. The simple diagram involves a central volume containing all of the technical and ‘dark’ functions of the space including conference room, a ‘tech up’ space, a partners’ office and storage. Open seating surrounds this box. Displaying the book collection was an integral part of the program, so the bookshelves were integrated into this volume and line the entry corridor. We conceived of a series of functional panels to line theĀ  box adjacent to the work spaces, including whiteboards for brainstorming, mounting surfaces for display panels, and sliding glass screens for overlaying notes during presentations.