Project name:

New York Avenue Apartments

Project description:

868 and 870 New York Avenue are two separate buildings, each a conversion of a two family townhouse into a ten unit apartment building, each with 6 1/2 stories and an elevator. The mix of studio, two and three-bedroom apartments yields a total of 42 beds for the two buildings, fulfilling the developer’s goal of renting to the maximum number of tenants. A new steel frame was woven into the existing brick building shells to create vertical and horizontal extensions. The undulation of the facade allows for the studio apartments on the fourth and fifth floors to stagger and fit in the plan with the elevator core. The concave geometry of the surfaces is a reflection of the bay windows of the rowhouses, continuing the texture and scale of the urban context. The existing cornice was retained with a recess at the third floor to allow the addition to be visually separated from the existing base.

Construction completed 2022

The New York Avenue apartments are currently under construction with anticipated completion in 2022.