Project name:

Tribeca Pediatrics

Project description:

Tribeca Pediatrics’ new location in Bushwick, Brooklyn greets the public with a large circular opening that is located on center to the 20’x20’ seamless steel square facade. The circle motif has been a typical design element in all of Tribeca Pediatrics’ practice locations, and is taken to a new level of expression here. The circular facade opening echoes through the depth of the building as an implied floating cylinder. The cylinder appears both as a three dimensional figure and implied two dimension profile. At the lobby and corridor, the vaulted ceilings reinforce the three dimensional geometry, while the interior partitions show only a silhouette in the form of opaque glazing. At times, the rhythm of the arcs change through rotations in the various axes, creating an implied spherical volume at the respective intersections or as segments of the circle. The building is designed to have a play and waiting area, four exam rooms, nurse station, sick bay and a mezzanine office level that is accessible via a spiral staircase at the rear.


Construction Process Photos:











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