Project name:

Idriss Dermatology

Project description:

Idriss Dermatology occupies a 3,000 square foot space overlooking Bryant Park in Manhattan. The client wanted the space to feel like a Parisian apartment where guests would be welcomed into a comfortable and luxurious environment. A sequence of defined spaces was developed, beginning with an entry foyer leading to a living room with a view of the park. A brightly lit corridor leads to an inner courtyard around which the treatment rooms are arranged. The interior spaces were detailed with a unique language of custom moldings articulating the various surfaces. The living room features a series of concave pillars intersected by matching cove moldings. The profiles transform to create a taut surface in the corridors and courtyard. Then in the treatment rooms, the details form a custom millwork elevation. Light coves dematerialize the space by creating free floating wall and ceiling spaces.